Zonal Archery: DAV team storms to Gold

October 10, 2019, Faridabad


DAV NCR Zonal archery championship which was held in DAV school from 5th to 8th October resulted in victory for NIT-3 DAV school in boys category. NIT-3 DAV also claimed silver in girls category with their brilliant performances all around. This competition was organized by DAV School association.

Boys Team won Gold in compound event and received medals and Team trophy for it. In boys team: Mohit, Nitin, Devendra and Amit hold the charge for the winning team.

In Girls team who settled for Silver: Himanshi, Ankita, Kanchan and Kaajal hold the charge for NIT DAV.

In singles category: Ankita won Bronze medal, Nitin won Silver and Amit won Bronze medal. Because of this brilliant performance all around and individual Nitin, Amit, Ankita and Kajal are now selected for DAV National games. This championship will happen in November at Hyderabad.

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