YoGems December art & photography contest: Winners announced

January 17, 2020

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The results of YoGems online Art and photography contest has been announced and is now available on YoGems official app and website. This monthly & quarterly basis contest was PAN-India in which almost 20,000 participants participated. This Online event by YoGems was further divided into three specific themed contests where people got a better chance to showcase their skills and of winning.

This contest was open for all budding artists, amateur photographers & professional photographers alike. Submission could have been done in the form of images, drawings, paintings, cartoons, doodles, sketches, posters and digital art. Participants had total ‘Freedom of expression’ in their entries. To encourage more people to participate in this online contest, YoGems decided not to take any Entry Fee from the participants. The top 3 participants in each of the events got exciting gifts from the YoGems Foundation.

Below is the list of all the contests and their winners:

1) My memorable sports moments
This photography contest was aimed at sports, health & fitness enthusiasts where they had to post their most memorable sports memory of the recent time. It could have been of their medals, certificates, Trophies, Team photos or playing. In simple could be anything related to sports.
Winners were:
Aadhil Mohammed
Anvit Durge
Yuvraj Chauhan

My memorable sports moments december contest

2) My Festivals through my phone
This was a photography contest with the theme of “Festivals”. Here participants had to submit the aesthetic photos of the festivals that they attended or celebrated in recent time.
Winners were:
Darshan Jain
Saurabh Sirohiya
Abhijit Shil

My festivals through my phone december photography

3) December Art(drawing) contest: Festivals
This was a simple art & Drawing contest with the theme of “Festivals”. Here participants colored the festivals with their imagination & creativity on canvas.
Winners were:
Saswat Pati
Charchit Kumar Bagadi
Akank Nalawade

December art drawing online contest festivals

Tournament: December Art (Drawing) Contest: Theme - Festivals, My Festivals Through My Phone: December Photography Online Contest, My Memorable Sports Moments: December Online Contest

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