Yoga meet at Jammu concludes

November 22, 2019, Jammu


The Jammu District Yoga Championship being organised by the Jammu and Kashmir Yoga Association commenced at Indoor Complex, MA Stadium, in Jammu on Thursday.

The opening day witnessed competition in lower age groups between eight years and 18 years. Earlier, the championship was declared open by S.S Gill. Also present were Satish Gupta, Vinod Bhatia, Sunil Sharma, Sharat Chander Singh, Anil Gupta, Mukesh Sharma, Shamsher Singh and Komal Gupta.

The Results: BOYS: 8-10 year: Pratyaksh Balotra, Ist; Agrim Chachar, 2nd and Akhilesh Choudhary, 3rd. 10-12 year: Vedant Gupta, Ist; Manthan Sharma, 2nd and Raghuvansh Gupta, 3rd. 12-14 year: Surinder Kumar, Ist; Himanshu Verma, 2nd and Luv Kumar, 3rd. 14-16 year: Manik Singh, Ist; Shivam Luthra, 2nd and Vihaan Bhat, 3rd. 16-18 year: Gokul Sharma, Ist; Sanchit Sharma, 2nd and Varun Sharma, 3rd.

GIRLS: 8-10 year: Tanisha Aggarwal, Ist; Kritka Gupta, 2nd and Aditi Chib, 3rd. 10-12 year: Tejavsi Jamwal, Ist; Rishika Gupta, 2nd and Aradhya Sharma, 3rd. 12-14 year: Mannat Rajput, Ist; Mobina Khatun, 2nd and Akansha Sudhan, 3rd. 14-16: Muskan Sharma, Ist; Vishali Chib, 2nd and Lachiya Angrural, 3rd.

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