Wynberg Allen School crowned as the winner of Cross Country Race

September 7, 2018, Dehradun


Wynberg Allen School of Mussoorie region inaugurated cross country race for different regions of the district. Wynberg Allen School emerged as the overall champion of the race in both Boys’ and Girls’ categories.

Woodstock School in the girls category and Oak Grove School in the boys category were named as the runner-up teams. In the girls category Woodstock student Sayra claimed the top spot, Wynberg Allen School’s Himanshi was the second spot gainer and Sampriti Machan was the third spot achiever.

In the boys category race, Wynberg Allen School’s Sashwat Kundoliya won the top spot followed by Faizal Kadir of Woodstock School and Arun Kumar of Oak Grove School.

Wynberg Allen School’s Red Cliff presented the winning trophy to all the winners and the principal of the school also marked her presence during the Cross Country Race.

School: Wynberg-Allen School, Woodstock School, Oak Frove School

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