World Chess dual: childhood rivals face off again

November 25, 2021, Chandigarh

ChessChess World Championship


Chess enthusiasts are geared up for a titanic clash between childhood rivals Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi for the world chess crown from November 26 in Dubai. Nineteen years ago the two had locked horns for the first time during the Under-12 World Championship. Carlsen won then but he has lost four times to Nepomniachtchi in the classical format since then. Overall, including other formats like Rapid and Blitz, Carlsen has a better score, winning 23 times and losing 14 to the Russian. The World Championship is played in the classical format of 12 games followed by two tiebreakers if the score is even. This is Nepomniachtchi’s chance of reclaiming the lost glory for his country. Russia has dominated world chess since 1945 but for a brief period when American Bobby Fischer beat Boris Spassky in the early 1970s.