Woman Power on display on the cricket field

March 9, 2018, Faridabad

CricketWoman Power on display on the cricket field

Faridabad is serving as he hub of a talented women’s cricket. Varsha is 16-year- old cricketing prodigy who has an interesting life story. The Faridabad based cricketer started playing the game at the age of 10 years. With the able support of her father, she has grown tremendously on the field. Having attended 2 under-19 B.C.C.I. national camps, Varsha is a cut above the rest.

She has made her father proud ever since she picked up a bat and held a cricket ball. Over the death of her mother and grandmother, Varsha has continued to shine with both the bat and the ball. An outstanding batsman and a useful off spinner, Varsha has represented the school state 4 times and the national school 2 times. She practises 6 times a week at different academies.

Seeing her elder sister do well, younger sibling Deepika has also taken on the game. Taking tiny steps, the 10-year- old says she has been inspired by Varsha to hone her skills. Here’s hoping they both put Faridabad on the cricket map.

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