Witness Kabaddi Star Kavita Thakur’s journey from Swipping A Dhaba Floor to representing India in Asian Games 2018

Quotes and thoughts are not just the thinking of mind, it is actually seeing someone offering that much effort to stand uniquely in the crowd of crores. Living her life and believing the fact that “We May Encounter Many Defeats But We Must Not Be Defeated”, Kabaddi Player Kavita Thakur is inspiration for all the hard-work oriented sports personality of India.

Kavita Thakur, the prominent member of Indian kabaddi Team who had won gold medal for India in Asian games 2014, now moving graciously to re-write the history has spent most of her life in a cramped dhaba at a remote village names as Jagatsukh, 6 km away from Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

Early Life of Kavita Thakur in Manali, Himachal Pradesh
Kavita Thakur talking about her childhood days had said that during her teen years, she had spend much of her time in sweeping Dhaba or washing dirty utensils in Dhaba in order to support her family. Talking about her situation, the star Indian Kabaddi player who is part of Indian Consignment for Asian Games 2018 said that his father Prithvui Singh along with Mother Khushi Devi still sell tea at Dhaba and her elder sister supports the aged people in daily chores.

As per Kavita, the situation of family was so severe that in winter they used to spent chilly night by resting at the ice cold floors of the backyard of their small Dhaba. They didn’t have enough money to buy mattresses for their convenience, even some days they used to sleep with empty stomach due to no earnings.

‘Took Up Kabaddi As It Was Not Costly’
Most of us declare our participation for certain sport or certain stream on the basis of pure ‘interest’. As per Kavita, she took up Kabaddi as the sport was not cost accumulated. The gold medal moment for Kavita shot limelight to the entire family. State Government offered assistance to Kavita and her family to shift in a better accommodation. Kavita declares, the day when she was able to gift her family a facilitated home was the best and happiest day of her life. Now her brother can get good education in the state’s best education centre.

Kabaddi- The Source of Fortune for the family

Kavita started playing Kabaddi at the school level in 2007. As per Kavita, the sports needed no equipment or any type of expensive coaching that’s why she chose to take it forward as a career. After showcasing great performance in Kabaddi at the national level, Sports Authority of Dharamshala took charge of all the expenses of the Kabaddi star Kavita Thakur and she never looked behind after getting a helping hand.

Challenges and Fighting Spirit

Every sports star somewhere in their life has to go through a medical condition. Same worries took over Kavita in year 2011 when she was diagnosed with digestive system ailment and it proved to be a massive blow for the Kabaddi star as she parted her way with her life changing sport for a duration of 6 months.

The Dharamshala girl roared back not in the field only but in the lineup of the National Kabaddi team and helped her team to attain the top position of the podium in 2012 Asian Games.

Kavita Thakur
Some of the remarkable achievements of Kavita Thakur

  • Kavita Thakur featured at National-Level Kabaddi Women category games in year 2009. She was part of Dharamshala Team.
  • Kavita Thakur along with other Kabaddi players claimed gold medal of Asian Kabaddi games in year 2012.
  • Kavita is part of Indian 9 member team to represent India in the 2018 edition of Asian Games. She will lend crucial role of Defender in the team.
  • All of us are expecting unbeaten show of India in Kabaddi League and surely aspire Kavita & Co to land India from Jakarta with gold medal.



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