Witness extraordinary story of Swapna Barman who fought toothache and Twelve-nails discomfort to grab India’s first-ever Gold in Heptathlon Event

Swapna Barman, the latest sensation from Asian Games 2018 hailing from rural Indian village Jalpaiguri has gone through extreme condition in her life to come up as a fighter and first-ever gold medalist for India in Heptathlon event Asian Games. Fighting severe toothache just few days in advance of her final game in Asian Games and running with discomfort of ill-sized shoes with six toes in each feet. Swapna Barman completed the most difficult event of Asian Games 2018 with ace points of 6026 in the event that involves shot put, javelin throw and high jump compacted in one event.

Early life of Swapna Barman
Swapna has always competed in her life to grab hold on even simple things in her life with her extra toe in both the legs. The girl has always backed her phenomenal hard-work to complete her journey from Jalpaiguri to Jakarta. In her earlier life, Swapna Barman has played difficult games like Football and Kabaddi, at last she settled for Heptathlon Event as part of her career of life.

Swapna’s father is a rickshaw-puller and has been bed-ridden since 2013 due to sudden stroke. Her mother is the only bread-winner for the family since then, she works as a tea picker in an estate to manage the expenses of family.

The Importance of Gold Medal in Heptathlon Event
The most difficult event of Asian Games, Heptathlon is a track and field sport that combines seven different event games to classify the winner game. The competitor of the heptathlon game is referred as a heptathlete. The game is classified as different for men and women competitors, the women competitor in the game features in all the events in outdoor format while the men event consist of indoor challenges. The whole Heptathlon Event consists of 7 different games, first four events are contested on the first day of the event and the remaining three are played on day two. Games that involves two days competition consists of 100m hurdle race, high Jump, Shot Put, 200m race, Long Jump, Javelin Throw and at last 800 meter race.

The three days epitome of severe pain offered Swapna Gold medal as the prize
Seven gruelling events played during the duration of three days offers extreme grade of pain for any normal athlete. For Swapna Barman, the situation was even worse with her six toes discomfort and add-on pain of aching tooth. Swapna was not prepared for the tooth infection before the game and medical team of Indian side advised her to go through Root Canal Therapy in order to get rid of the pain but at the edge of schedule going through the pain of RTC was not the obvious solution.

Alt last Swapan completed her most difficult hurdle of life with kinesio tape around her right jaw. The Heptathlon for Swapna became octathlon just before the game as she has to competed the extra eighth hurdle of infected tooth.

Swapna loves to sing, as per her if not athlete she must have gone for singing as her career. The last three days were so patheltic for the 21-yr-old girl that even smiling was a difficult task and becomes agony for the Barman.

The Tale of Rejection
Swapna after trying her hand in Kabaddi and Football aced the art of high jumping but due to short height she cannot carry out her likeness ahead in life. She faced two SAI rejections in year 2011 and 2012, the toes problem have always pushed her from behind but the brave girl with so much pain and discomfort competed all the loop-holes in life to create history for India with mis-fit shoes and aching tooth.

Swapna loves sweets and ice-cream but after winning her gold in the Heptathlon Event, the girl will race towards the dentist chair to get rid of the tooth pain.


Great achievement of Swapna Barman:

  • Swapna has won gold medal in Heptathlon event of Asian Athletics Championship played in year 2017 with 5942 overall points.
  • Performing with ace in the Patiala Federation Cup played at JLN Stadium in 2017 she grabbed gold medal with 5897 overall points in the event.
  • In the Asian Games 2014 Swapna claimed 5th spot in the overall ranking with 5178 points.
  • Approaching her best-in career performance she grabbed gold in Asian Games 2018, Jakarta with mammoth 6026 points.
  • Indian spectators now expect medal in Olympic Games from their six toes daughter.



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