Why You (Age 6-18) Shouldn’t Use Facebook, Twitter or Similar Social Media Websites?

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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and many more social media networking websites have surrounded all of us. Well!! It would be right to say that they have trapped all of us with various alluring features. But do you ever realized whether they are the right gateway for you or where would you reach, if you continue following the path.

No doubt, social networking is good, simultaneously, online social networking platforms not only let you connect with more people, but also disconnect you from your closed ones. There are many more reasons knowing which you would regret using social media platforms.

Yes! That’s true. Here, we are going to reveal the reasons of why you should not use social media platforms.


  • You Get Stalkers

You will get stalkers and shady people not from your surroundings, but from social media sites.

Every time you receive a personal message from some unknown person, you tend to respond which may lead to breaking your privacy and sometimes cyber-crime. Without letting you know, stalkers could even hack your account and use it for illegal or performing cheap activities.

Another important thing to be considered is, some social media websites uses GPS tracking feature. Whenever you update your “Check-in”, you help stalker to reach you easily.

  • You Get Distracted

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Don’t you agree, you scroll your social media account while doing your homework or any other important task.

Even the growing trend of apps let’s you peeking your account while attending your lectures. Not only this, you even miss get-togethers and parties while being absorbed in answering social media friends and sharing the posts.

  • You Get Influenced For Wrong Deeds

Peer pressure and following a wrong path will never give you prior notification about future unsavory situations. The more you follow posts, you get pushed towards adapting the similar traits. But, you never know, when such deeds can bring you to suffer unfavorable moments.

So, always try keeping off the social media sites or stop following others.

  • You Invite Badmouths

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Posting and commenting takes a few seconds, but while doing so, you never realize you are inviting badmouths by yourself. They will not only say bad things about you, but also use your post as a jack to make your notorious among your loved ones.

Ultimately, you may win social media site friends, but because of a few badmouths, you may loose your loved ones.

  • You Do Not Fit Adult Content

Nowadays, jaw dropping posts get viral easily which you cannot stop. Sometimes, they contains mature content or even content unfit to be watched. Such videos or posts may drive your mind in a wrong direction or even they may distract you for days or even weeks, hence, restricting you to carry out your routine tasks seamlessly.

  • You Get Bullied

Social Media sites are a huge platform for bullying. No doubt, you must have bullied many people on their posts, but do not forget, next target could be you who can be bullied.

  • You Do Not Qualify Privacy Policies

There are a few laws defined by government about children’s privacy. This is why a few sites asks you to verify whether you are over 18 or not. Violating such rules may lead you to break rule.

  • You Waste Precious Time

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Time and tide wait for non. That’s absolutely true!

Usually, you won’t realize a few valuable hours spent on social media websites. But, what did you missed in those hours? Family time, study hours, playing time, leisure time with friends and much more. In fact, the more you browse such websites, you get addicted and hence, it creates a trap for you and do not let you get out of it for hours.

  • You Miss Fun and Health Development Activities

Getting engaged with social media websites,

– Lets you stay out of outdoor activities, hence you restrict your physical development,

– Restrict you from communicating with closed ones at trips, home, parties, get together and other events, hence you miss fun and even connections, and

– Restrict you meeting your friends and relatives face-to-face, hence you live online networking.

We Are Here, Where Are You?

Yes! It’s time when you should come out of social media websites zone and start living in the real world. Keeping off such websites will only push you to a virtual world that might cause you negative impacts, whereas staying in touch with your family and friends will give you health, happiness, memories and joy of life.

It would be better, if you start switching the social media websites developed exclusively for your age group. Such websites will not only let you explore the competition, latest career options, path to success, upcoming tournaments of your interest, but also help you find and connect with your competitors.