Why the Kids should practise Yoga?

‘Yoga’ a word of sanskrit origin is now popular all over the world so much so that the International Yoga day is celebrated worldwide every year on June 21; an initiative by our Prime Minister Mr. narendra Modi. A lot in Yoga is about various postures also referred to as ‘Asanas’. One good thing about kids is that they can be moulded easily into performing activities. So why not make Yoga as a regular habit among kids?The merits and benefits of Yoga are numerous and is very impactful for the younger generation in order to ensure serenity, calmness and peace of mind.

I hereby present a few reasons that will imitate the practise of Yoga among kids:-


  • Enhances Concentration :-  Various ‘asanas’ require certain level of body movements and self – control, thus ensuring kids remain focused and aware. Yoga in itself is a form of meditation which is all about bettering concentration levels.
  • Ensures discipline and a sense of responsibility :- Practising Yoga is a serious deed. It is done precisely and takes time. But in the end, it helps you attain a disciplined life and a better sense of decoding life’s journey in its true sense. Thus, making you responsible.
  • A gateway for creativity among kids :- Creativity among kids is the pioneer for a happy and successful life. Yoga allows kids to express themselves freely, dwell in their own beautiful mind palace.
  • Encourages positive mental health :- One of the most beneficial attribute of Yoga is peace of mind and self – confidence. Kids practising Yoga would experience a more optimistic approach towards life and would be able to remain calm and peaceful during difficult times.
  • Providing flexibility and strength :- Children have an innate flexibility and Yoga helps in maintaining it. Along with stretching, yoga also helps in building strength, proper postures and balance.

In the nutshell, Yoga will help you attain a healthy, peaceful life and would also help you attain self realisation and self – worth only if you start practising it on a regular basis.




Kushagra Bhardwaj, a graduate in Journalism who loves to write extensively on sports and entertainment along with taking a keen interest in politics. A sports enthusiast who resents braggers, deals in sarcasm and loves travelling.