Why Sport is the Best Equaliser and Greatness is Ever Lasting as well as Short Lived

Anas Yahiya

The image of Anas Yahiya missing the bronze medal with a distance of 0.02 seconds might not remain forever itched in our minds, but it does teach us a valuable lesson in life. For a few seconds, he brought cheers and smiles to millions of Indians watching on television including his mother who couldn’t have been happier. “I’m not disappointed, he gave the race his best”, said the proud mother.

This proves that medals aren’t everything and you can be a real winner in many ways. He did break the national record in the 400m in the process and won the hearts of many, just like the Great Milkha Singh had done all those years back in 1958.

There was another moment of sporting significance which taught us a lesson recently. AS Roma beat title contenders 3-0 in the second leg of the quarterfinals to qualify based on aggregate. It came as a shock to many in the footballing world who had written off Roma. The were 4-1 down coming into the second leg and only a miracle could have saved them, but miracles do happen in sport and this match proved it. The side celebrated till early morning and deservedly so.

This win teaches us that Greatness is earned and lost in every match. That reputations don’t matter on the field and it is the size of the fight in the dog which matters the most. It doesn’t matter how you’ve played till now. What is important is that you want to win in the end.



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