How our education system is killing the creativity of children?

The topic reminds me of an awe-inspiring quote by Jess Lair – ‘Children are not things to be moulded but people to be unfolded’. Each child is born with a creative gift, some are gifted with intense imagination while others possess great artistic skills. But in our education system such exemplary qualities hold no importance. We have become so rigid in our system that all it wants out of children is to perform greatly in academics and tests that comprises of the same subjects all your educational life. But how is a child who has no interest in maths or science would able to cope up all the life studying the same subjects? Well, then he would be forced into it. Because that is expected from him – to score well in exams. Teachers, Schools and even parents are equally responsible for such a faux education system.

Well, I believe most of you must have watched one of the greatest TED talks in the history of TED by Sir Ken Robinson on the topic – ‘Do schools kill creativity?’ and if you haven’t, Do watch it here.

Somehow our education system has become so rigid and faux that the talent of a child is measured solely on the basis of their performance in exams and if they fail to score well, he/she is considered to be an ‘average student’. But what about their outstanding creativity which is beyond the boundaries of 4 walls and certain books? What if a child is excellent in sports or dance or thrives to be a movie director owing to his/her exceptional imagination power? Well our staunch system would viciously curb and kill such desires citing them to be redundant and extra curricular thus demotivating them.

We need to transform this system and let children dwell in creativity. In the nutshell, I would quote Ken Robinson himself to give a broader conception on the issue – “Picasso once said that all children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up”.



Kushagra Bhardwaj, a graduate in Journalism who loves to write extensively on sports and entertainment along with taking a keen interest in politics. A sports enthusiast who resents braggers, deals in sarcasm and loves travelling.