Why Medals in the 2018 Commonwealth Games do not guarantee a great performance at the Tokyo Olympics

India bagged a total of 66 medals at the Gold Coast Games, including an impressive tally of 26 Gold medals. With the Tokyo Olympics only 2 years away, many Indian sporting fans believe that we could bag a rich haul this time around as well. But history has shown this is far from the case.

While the CWG consists of 71 member countries, the Olympics is a worldwide event with more than 170 participants. Sporting powerhouses such as the United States and China send their best athletes to this event, taking nothing to chance. Competition is as tough as it gets and nothing is taken for granted.

Not surprisingly, India had performed well at the Glasgow Games in 2014, but finished with just 2 medals at the Rio Olympics in 2016. This was because the planning process was not there. There were no funds made available to players and none of them had access to the state of the art facilities available to other athletes.

The Target Olympic Podium scheme has come into force last year with a number of athletes being identified as potential medal winners and being provided with stipends amounting to INR 50,000 a month. This barely covers their daily expenses, let alone their preparation costs.

With the Asian Games coming up in August, the plans to field a record haul winning team should be put in place immediately. The Sports Authority of India should back their players to exceed expectations and perform well in every tournament they take part in. Only then, with time will India become a force to reckon with at the greatest sporting spectacle of them all.



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