Why is it important to maintain a diary or a Journal?

Life for us at times seems like an aeon and then we suddenly see ourselves grown-up. It’s our memories which keep us connected with our past and makes us emotional. Don’t let your memories fade away. They are a true depiction of your journey. There are umpteen benefits of writing down your daily experiences in a piece of paper. You write your detailed emotions, how good or bad your day was and how you felt that particular day. You record special events, moments of happiness, misfortunes, miseries, joyfulness and years down the line you go through them, revisit your memories and cry the tears of joy. Even if, it was a monotonous regular day write it down because normal days are boring until you start writing about them. Writing down a journal or a diary after a long hectic and supposedly bad day would provide you with a sense of relief and calmness. A written record helps us in our future endeavours, it helps us in providing a motivation to achieve our goals and skills. Looking back at those journals and handling hard times would give you a sense of perseverance and paves way for us to articulate our next steps.


Writing your daily experience could be tough at times but that’s where you need to push yourself. Once it becomes a habit, I bet you won’t be able to sleep without documenting your day. Well, in the compendious your commitment is important.



Kushagra Bhardwaj, a graduate in Journalism who loves to write extensively on sports and entertainment along with taking a keen interest in politics. A sports enthusiast who resents braggers, deals in sarcasm and loves travelling.