Why Athletes are among the most Motivated people in the world

We’ve all heard of stories of top level athletes making a comeback when they were down and out. Stories of grit and determination, of winning against odds, of proving critics wrong. But why does motivation play a such a strong role on sports? Why is it talked about so much when people refer to great achievements and record breaking performances?

The answer is simple. Motivation is the only contributor to sports performance over which an athlete has control. Other factors such as ability, playing conditions, opposition and luck are all outside one’s control. Sometimes, it’s the only thing that counts. Many a times you compete with someone who has the same ability, but what matters in the end is the size of the fight in the dog. That’s what makes the difference.

Virat Kohli commends his strict fitness regime for his greatness. Michael Phelps once said that he didn’t miss training for even a single day for five years straight. Serena Williams won the Australian Open being 3 months pregnant with her first child.

In sports, just as in life, there will be many ups and downs. There will be many who would want to see you fail. There will be times when you doubt yourself and your capabilities. That’s when motivation plays a great role. That’s when you realise how much you want to win.

There are many sportspersons with each having a different level of ability, a different background and a different road to success. But one thing connects them all. The desire to stand on top at the end of it all. That’s what makes them great.



Shashi is a writer and sports enthusiast who loves to blog. Along with her passion for writing, she loves cooking new dishes and finding its origin across regions.