What made Mallika Sarabhai to become multi-talented gem of India?

Mallika Sarabhai_1All of us are blessed with some or the other talent, but a very few of us recognize it and give it a right path. You will wonder on the fact that we and our kids can be a superstar, if given a guidance and resources.

Mallika Sarabhai is one of the talented Indians whose parents admired her talent and paved her in the right direction. Resulting of their efforts, we all have her as a multifaceted personality; dancer, choreographer, film maker, TV actress and social activist.

Early Life:

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Mallika Sarabhai was Born on 9th May 1954, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India to the famous and accomplished professionals; Vikram Sarabhai and Mrinalini Sarabhai. Her father was a renowned space scientist and mother was an excellent dancer, so being their daughter she was grown up in an intellectually stimulating environment.

Inspiration and guidance:

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Mrinalini Sarabhai, the mother of Mallika Sarabhai was well-known for her excellence in dancing and various awards that she received for her talent. She as her mother played a very crucial role in carving the career of Mallika.

Since, the childhood of Mallika, her mother started sending her for dance training to ensure that she know all form of dances. Since, Mallika’s mother found the best institution, so she successfully gave her first performance at the age of 15 along with her on-going career in film and got the Film Critics Award for best actress. With her incredible efforts and mother’s guidance, she got her first success at such an early stage of her life.

Being the daughter of a family, where her father was a national hero, mother was a talented dancer; she never got hide under their fame. From her parents, she always learned to fight for her own rights and values. Her family always taught her to stand against discrimination and injustice.

Getting inspired with their teachings, she not only got a reputed name in her industry, but also tackled various challenges in her life.

Although, Mallika lost her mother, but she is still following her footprints of talent. This was generation to generation inheritance of talent and inspiration. It is equally important for India to pass on talent to their children, so that we can have some more enthusiastic talents like Mallika and her mother.


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  • At the age of 18, she was honoured as ‘Best Soloist Artist’ among 400 dancers from 25 countries.
  • Along with her training in Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam, she successfully completed her MBA and acquired doctorate degree from one of the top business schools of India; IIM Ahmedabad.
  • Her mother was a real legend for her, so along with her Mallika Sarabhai managed Darpana Academy of Performing Arts; an institute started by Mrinalini Sarabhai located in Ahmedabad.
  • She made superb apperance in various films and in parallel to that she also worked as TV actress.
  • Under the training of R. Acharyelu for Kuchipudi, she also explored contemporary dance forms which helped her to develop unique choreography styles.
  • Till date, she received 15 awards and honors for various dance performances and other achievements.

Additionally, with the motivation and support of her parents, she discovered herself as an excellent writer, publisher, socialist and strategist.

Her achievements: The inspiration

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Mallika Sarabhai sets a best example for all the parents and women of India, who still feel that sewing machine training is only required for females.

We all can see that not only her multi-talent gave her a popularity and an iconic personality, but the parent’s support worked for her. This is why, being an independent woman, active champion for women’s empowerment and education, Mallika Sarabhai is a pride for India.

Sarabhai’s family is a beautiful inspiration for all the Indian parents who need to realize the hidden talent of their kid, so that they can provide the right resources and training. Following this trend of motivating kids, especially girls, every Indian home can have Mallika Sarabhai.



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