What are some of the productive ways to spend your summer holidays?

Summer holidays is when you have ample of time to provide for your hobbies and interests apart from visiting your nanny’s house. Developing a new hobby or taking keen interest in a new activity of your choice would be beneficial for you in the long run and would give you an edge over your peers. Believe me,  in the times of distress and difficulties; your hobby would always be your side to keep you optimistic, happy and relieved.

So, here are a few common activities worth spending time this summer.


  • Vocals :- Music is eternal. Till the onset of the world, music will find its place. If you have a moderately nice voice and love singing, it’s time for you to explore and expand your singing skills. Music industry is booming and new talents can make their way up easily owing to the presence of social media. So why not step your foot in vocal training this summer?
  • Dance :- The ability to dance fosters ways for fitness, creativity, flexibility and self- confidence. To possess dancing qualities is an extremely valuable asset that will make you revered wherever you go in life.
  • Learn a new sport :- There are numerous outdoor games that you can learn, play and excel at. Being indulged in sports would help you remain active and fit. With so many options available, you can pick up any game of your choice and outcome the challenges.
  • Art :- Art is deep and includes painting, sketching with which we can communicate, convey or express ourselves. Dwelling with art not only acts as a hobby during your free time but also acts as a therapy, stimulating the creativity of the mind.
  • Learn to play an instrument :- In the real world, a musician is cited as one who knows to play certain musical instruments like Guitar, Piano, Violin etc. Playing a musical instruments brings out certain happiness and pride. It makes you smarter and even builds your social life.


So are you ready to spend your time creatively and productively by indulging in co-curriculars?




Kushagra Bhardwaj, a graduate in Journalism who loves to write extensively on sports and entertainment along with taking a keen interest in politics. A sports enthusiast who resents braggers, deals in sarcasm and loves travelling.