Welham Boys School declared as the winner of Skating Championship

September 4, 2018, Dehradun


State Level Skating Competition launched by the Dehradun Roller Skating RSFI Unit named Welham Boys School as the overall champion of the tournament. Aryan School claimed the second spot in the competition and Doon International School was declared as the third spot claimer of the tournament.

All the matches of the tournament was played at the Welham Boys School campus and the GRD Academy of the region. Total 326 participants from 18 different schools marked their presence in the prestigious skating tournament. In the Girls U 16 Quad Tournament Anusha claimed the top spot followed by Varnika as the runner up of the competition. Under 8 category named Apurva as the top spot gainer while Nistha claimed the runner up spot, Under 10 category highlighted Mimansha’s name for the top spot followed by Agrima as the runner up.

Under 12 category named Sanskriti as the top spot achiever followed by Sunidhi as the runner up. Under 14 category announced Bhavya at the top spot followed by Anushka as the runner-up. In the Adjustable rounds, Under 6 category named Adhya as the winner and Purva as the runner up. Under 08 category named Kriti as the top spot achiever followed by Madhvi, Under 10 category named Vaishnavi as the winner and Riya as the runner-up. Under 12 category highlighted Sunidhi’s name followed by Sanksriti and Under 16 category named Anushhka as the winner.

Dehradun State’s reputed people Mohit Jain, Pankaj Bhardwaj, Arvind Gupta, Captain Hayyat, Akshay, Shivam Bhardwaj and Abhimanyu were the center of attraction during the skating competition.

School: Doon International Public School, The Aryan School, Welham Boys' School

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