Volleyball trials happened again, as 72 players took part

July 12, 2019, Gurgaon

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Government Senior Secondary school at Kadipur was hub for 72 players who came for second trials, in Girls category for Volleyball sports Nursery. Trials happened under supervision of Volleyball coach-Lalit Kumar and Meenakshi, Judo coach-Mahender Singh, Korfball coach-Rampal Hooda and Handball coach- Sandeep.

25-25 players will get selected for sports nursery, for which players have to undergo 7 test/activities. These test includes 30meter sprint, Standing broad jump, 800meter running, Ball throw, Vertical Jump, Forward Bending and Shuttle run.

Earlier Trial, which happened on 26th June through Sports Nursery for volleyball was declared invalid by Sports Directorate due to the lack of participant in trial. That’s why Sports Directorate gave instructions to hold another trial. Final list of selected individuals will be given by Sports Directorate on the basis of the report sent to it, regarding players performances in trial.

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