Viswanathan Anand draws with Kramnik in second game of No-Castling event

July 16, 2021

ChessCroatia Grand Chess Tour


Former world champion Viswanathan Anand played out a draw against Russian Grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik in the second game of their four-game match for the Sparkassen Trophy on Thursday.

The Indian maestro played out a 39-move draw in an English Four Knights variation game with black pieces. He is ahead 1.5-0.5 after Thursday”s match. Earlier in the first game, playing with white pieces, Anand needed 66 moves to beat Kramnik late on Wednesday. The match is played as part of the “No-Castling” Chess devised by the Russian GM.

Castling is not allowed in this format in an effort to make the game more interesting.

Castling is a special move to protect the king and activate the rook?. It”s the only time in chess a player can move two pieces in one move.

The Indian maestro will take on Kramnik, also a former world champion, in the second game on Thursday night.

Anand had returned to over-the-board action in the Croatia Grand Chess Tour tournament in Zagreb last week.

He finished second overall (Rapid and Blitz combined) in that event.

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