Vishwa Bharti School’s 11 Batsmen scores new low 1 run absurd record In India Cup Cricket

October 12, 2018, Noida, Greater Noida


India Cup Cricket initiated by Sports Ministry and School Sports Promotion Foundation witnessed absurd match between Vishwa Bharti Noida School and Ramagya School teams. Vishwa Bharti Cricket team batting first in the match was able to score just 1 runs of bat from 11 players of the team. However team reached score of 11 runs with 5 wide balls, 4 leg byes and 1 run from bye.

Total nine batsmen of Vishwabharti team were bowled out without scoring any score. Ramagya School reached the miniature target while playing just 8 balls of the second innings and attained win with 10 wickets mark.

Ramagya School team’s bowler Rachit was the limelight of the whole encounter as he hunted down total 6 scalps of the opposite team in the first innings of the match.

As per the information available score of 11 runs in a match is a new low record for all national level cricket encounters in the country. Subhash Sharma, SSPF India Cup Cricket’s District Coordinator giving more information about the match mentioned that this is the lowest score scored by any team in Noida Cricket matches. He also added that its need of everyone to analyze the score at national and international level.

Before this match the lowest scoring match played in Noida was 15 runs score that was scored by Karl Huber School team in the Shashikant Memorial Inter School Cricket Tournament.

School: Ramagya School, Karl Huber School, Vishwa Bharati Public School

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