Vishwa Bharati Public School Ghaziabad organizes Mini Olympics for Junior Classes

March 14, 2018, Ghaziabad

AthleticsAthletics Vishwabharti public school

Vishwa Bharati Public School Ghaziabad showed the way in inculcating a sense of sportsman spirit and teamwork it its pupils as it organised an Intra Class Olympics among students from grade 1 to 5. Parents were also allowed in the school premise to see their little kids perform well. There was a sense of enthusiasm and joy among all involved.

The Principal Meenakshi Pathak inaugurated the event in the presence of all parents. She emphasised on the role played by sports in the overall development of the students. The star of the
sow were the races which were keenly followed by all present at the ground.

School: Vishwa Bharati Public School

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