Vidhya Sagar International School hosted District Level Sports Meet

August 26, 2018, Faridabad


District Level Sports Meet launched in Vidhya Sagar School complex of Faridabad region is gaining great response from the different school’s student of the region. On Saturday, Government and Private Schools participated in Archery, Judo, Kabaddi, Shotput and Netball competitions.

U 14, U 17 and U 19 competition of District Level Archery were played on the day. In the Indian round Anu Kumari clinched the top spot, Bobby claimed second spot and Dimple settled for the third spot.

In the Recover round, Kashish claimed the top spot. U 17 category recognized Himanshi at the top spot followed by Nandita as the runner up of the competition. In the Indian Round Muskan emerged as the winner of the competition.

U 19 category formed chances for Riya to be known as the top performer of the day, Shweta emerged as the second spot gainer with 5 less points in the competition.

Talking about the boys matches, U 14 Recover Boys Category Vineet was the top performer of the day, Divyanti claimed the second spot followed by Jayanti Malhotra at the third spot. U 17 recover matches named Bharat Kaushik as the top performer, Prashant named as the runner up followed by Sagar at the third spot.

Races for 600m, 400m and 200m were also commenced during the day in which Neeraj won 600m race competition, Vaibhav claimed second position and Saurav coined the third position. 200m race named Paras, Manas and Yash as the winners. 100 m race named Manas as the top performer followed by Sagar at the second position.

200m final race announced Anmol as the top spot gainer followed by Gulshan as the runner up. In 100m final Dhruv claimed the trophy for his school.

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