Uttrakhand Team experienced a massive blow of innings and 26 runs in Vijay Merchant Trophy

October 30, 2018


Chhattisgarh team has knocked out tournament’s favorite Uttrakhand team from the Vijay Merchant Trophy after achieving glorious victory with an inning and 26 runs.

Any player of the Uttrakhand team was not able to score big contribution for the team’s total.

Chattisgarh team batting first in the match scored 302 runs in the first innings of the match. In response Uttrakhand team was able to score 94 runs (in first innings) and 182 runs (in second innings) of the match.

None of the player for the Uttrakhand side was able to score big runs in their part of the match and handed over the match to the Chhattisgarh bowlers with an innings and 20+ runs.

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