Uttar Pradesh’s 300 handball players will try their luck for Junior Championship

August 27, 2018, Ghaziabad


Ghaziabad region of Uttar Pradesh will host approx 300 players from the region to try their luck in the HandBall Championship favored by Sports Authority of the State.

As per the available information, more than 300 players from the 18 divisions of the state have accounted their participation in the tournament. The tournament will commence till 30th August and the better performing players from the state will later find their selection in the State’s Handball team.

The National Level Handball Championship will commence from 17 September. As per the State’s Sport Official special arrangement for the players who are coming from far away division has been scheduled in the nearby institute.

All the players are needed to report at the scheduled ground in the morning of Monday, later on the selection process will start. Late coming teams and players will not be included in the match line-up at any cost.

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