Uttar Pradesh region’s players attains top spot in Shooting, Kabaddi and Wrestling Competitions

August 29, 2018, Dehradun


Totally knocking out modern technology and counting separately on their performances, Uttar Pradesh region players has stunned spectators with their top notch performances in the skills oriented games like Kabaddi, Wrestling, Shooting and Cricket.

Aman Vatsa- Football

Hailing from the remote region Sanjay Nagar, Sector-23 of Uttar Pradesh, Aman is the upcoming future star of the football fields. Student of Kendriya Vidhyalaya Nehru Nagar Aman has played many games in his short spell of football career. He has performed with ace grade in the CBSE Cluster, Regional and Division level.

Himanshu- Shooting

Shooter Himanshu of the Govindpuram district is a decorated national-level player from the region. Himanshu has won many shooting events at the national level and formed a great name for his district. Talking about his hardwork, Himanshu has said that he daily do practice in the Delhi Shooting Range for getting more perfection in his game.

Manisha- The Kabaddi Girl

Manisha from the Nandgram region of U.P State is strong player in the field of Kabaddi. She has already counted her name at the national level after participating in many national-level tournaments at national level. Manisha in past has won many Kabaddi matches for her team by counting on her great skills and strong grasp about the game. At present, the girl from U.P state is working hard in the Janhit Sports Academy. In her talk with the media, she has mentioned that by adding facilities players improvement rate get multiplied with double rate.

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