Uday Deshpande hosts 1st “Mallakhamb” world championships

February 18, 2019

Uday Deshpande India’s renowned “Mallakhamb” practitioner organised the 1st “Mallakhamb world championships” on 16th -17th February at Mumbai’s Shivaji Park. Mallakhamb is a ancient Indian sports. Originated in 12th century and in often described as “yoga on a pole”. There were around 100 competitors from 15 countries.
Uday describe mallakhamb as ‘malla’ means wrestler and ‘khamb’ means pole. He said when someone perform yoga on the ground he achieve many benefits like meditation, breathing, concentration etc but when someone perform yoga at eight feet high, one achieve additional benefits like confidence, courage.
The motto behind organizing the championship is Uday want to spread the Indian traditional cultural abroad and he also hope that someday mallakhamb will be part of Asian Games and Olympics.

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