Trials for state-level Judo competition starts today, Gurugram

July 5, 2019, Gurgaon


Trials in sub-junior category, for state level Judo competition starts at Gurugram. On Thursday interested players brought their original documents at Dhanwapur’s Ajeet Stadium and then those players were assigned to their specific weight category. Now on Friday, the players will give trials for physical test in their assigned weight class. Players who will pass the Trials at district level, will get the chance to represent Gurugram at the competition.

Coach Mahendera Singh told that the competition will be held on 13th-14th July in Kaithal. Trials on friday are divided into two time periods 9am-11am and second will be from 4am-7pm.

Weight categories are pre defined in the competition which are as follows:
Boys born in 2009 are assigned to 25kg and Girls to 20kg category
Boys born in 2008 are given 35kg and plus; Girls to 30kg and plus 35kg
Boys born in 2007 are given 40kg, 45kg and plus 45 weight category; while Girls are given 35kg, 40kg and plus 45kg weight category.

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