Top seed Fengse pockets U-8, U-10 titles at tennis tournament

February 9, 2021

Lawn TennisLittle Junior Champions Series Tennis Tournament


A FAN of Roger Federer, eight-year-old Sara Fengse won the double crown of under-8 and under-10 singles’ categories at PMDTA-ICON Little Junior Champions Bronze Series Tennis Tournament. Fengse said while her under-8 matches were easier, the under-10 matches were challenging. The Class II student of Tree House High School, Karve Nagar, trains under private coach Vishal Nehane and has remained consistent throughout the tournament.

In the under-8 girls’ singles, it was a cakewalk for Fengse in the semi-final and final matches. While she won with a 6-0 score against Anvi Sinha, she upset Shanaya Singh in the under-8 final match with a win of 7-0. As the youngest player in the under-10 category, Fengse toppled third seed Anushka Joglekar with a 6-0 win in the semi-final and a 7-2 win in the final against second seed Shravee Deore.

“I am happy, but this is just the beginning for me as I aim for the Grand Slams. My under-10 opponent Shravee is the top seed in her category and although I won against her, I was under tremendous pressure before the match. She is a strong opponent and has a good game, but she started to make several errors, had a couple of double faults and that is when I picked up my pace after I studied her loopholes,” she said.

In the boys’ singles under-8, unseeded Yashwantraje Pawar of Solapur disappointed second seed Vihan Sawant with a win of 7-1. Second seed Krishay Tawade triumphed over top seed Sarvadnya Sarode with a 7-3 score in the under-10 category.

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