Top School Level Competitive Exams: Eligibility and Selection Process You Need To Know

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What all competitive exams, you can register in? Have you marked the important dates to your calendar? No?

Relax! We have listed all the competitive exams list that will help you finding eligibility, important dates, fees, exam structure and other crucial information.


  • NTSE (National Talent Search Examination)

Eligibility: Class X+

Program: Scholarship program for selection and nurturing talent. Financial assistance of INR 500/month to 1000/150000 students for entire academics.

Selection Process:

Paper 1 (State) – MAT (100 Marks, 90 mins) and SAT (100 Marks – 40 Science, 40 Social Science, 20 Maths, 90 Marks)

Paper 2 (National Level, NCERT) – MAT (100 Marks, 90 mins) and SAT (100 Marks, 90 mins)


  • NLSTSE (National Level Science Talent Search Exam)

Eligibility: Class II – XII

Program: Conducted by Unified Council

Selection Process: P, C, M, B and General Questions (100 Marks, 100 Questions, 90 mins)


  • Olympiads 1

Eligibility: Class IX – XII

Examination Schedule: International Olympiads held every year (P, C, M, B, Astronomy and Junior Science)

Selection Process:

1. Stage 1 – Conducted by IPHO (International Physics Olympiad)

      Stage 2 – Conducted by HBCSE (Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education)

2. IAPT (Indian Association of Physics Teachers) conducts National Standards Exam – Physics (NSEP), Chemistry (NSEC), Biology (NSEB), Astronomy (NSEA) and Junior Science (NSEJS – Class X or lower)


  • Olympiads 1 (IMO: International Maths Olympiad)

Team of 6 Indian member had been selected following 3 steps procedure organized by Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education(HBCSE) on behalf of NBHM (National Board for Higher Mathematics funded by Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India.

Step 1 : The RMO Training Camps (RMOTCs)

Step 2: The Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO)

Step 3: The Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO)

Step 4: The IMO Training Camp (IMOTC)

Step 5: The International Maths Olympiad (IMO)


  • Olympiads 1 (All Other Subjects)

Stage 1: National Standard Exam (NSEO) – NSEP, NSEC, NSEB, NSEA, NSEJS

Stage 2: Indian National Olympiad (INO) – INPhO, INChO, INAO, INJSO

Stage 3: Orientation cum selection camp (OCSC)

Stage 4: Pre-departure training camp (PDT)

Stage 5: International Olympiad – IPhO, IChO, IBO, IAO, IJSO


  • Olympiads 2

Eligibility: Class I to XII

Selection Process: Conducted by SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation).


  1. NCO (National Cyber Olympiad)
  2. NSO (National Science Olympiad)
  3. IMO (International Maths Olympiad)
  4. IEO (International English Olympiad)


  • Olympiads 3

Eligibility: Class I to XII

Selection Process: Silverzone


  1. iiO (International Informatics Olympiad)
  2. ioM (International Olympiad of Mathematics)
  3. ioS (International Olympiad of Science)
  4. iOEL (International Olympiad of English Language)
  5. iFLO (International Olympiad of French Language)
  6. SKGKO (Smart Kid General Knowledge Olympiad)
  7. iCGC (International Computer Graphics Championship)
  8. iTHO (International Talent Hunt Olympiad)
  9. Hindi (International Olympiad of Hindi Language)


  • NIMO (National Interactive Maths Olympiad)

Eligibility: Class V – XII

Selection Process: Conducted by Eduheal Foundation.

Subjects: Mathematics & Mental Ability (50 questions, 50 marks, 60 minutes).


  • NBTO (National Biotechnology Olympiad)

Eligibility: Class V – XII

Selection Process: Conducted by Eduheal Foundation. 50 questions, 50 marks, 60 minutes.


  • GeoGenius – Indian Geography Olympiad

Eligibility: Class II – XII

Note: This exam does not lead to iGEO (International Geography Olympiad)


  • KO (Knowledge Olympiad)

Eligibility: Class I – XII

Selection Process: Conducted by Knowledge Society of India.

MOF: Mathematics Olympiad

NKO: National Knowledge Olympiad


  • KVPY (Kishore Viagnan Protsahan Yojana)

Eligibility: Class XI – XII. KVPY fellows are eligible to take admission to 5 years integrated MS program conducted by IISER (Indian Institute for Science Education & Research).

Selection Process: Conducted by Department of Science and Technology.


  • SCYGANLSTSE (Sir C V. Raman Young Genius Awards National Level Science Talent Search Examination)

Eligibility: Class IV – X

Selection Process: Conducted by Viswabharathy Foundation.

Subjects: 100 questions, 100 marks, 90 mins (Mathematics – 40, Science – 40, General English – 20)


  • ASSET (Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing)

Eligibility: Class I – XII

Selection Process: Conducted by Education Initiative.


Core Subjects: English, Maths and Science

Optional Subjects: Social Studies and Hindi

Exams: Based on Indian curriculum (CBSE, ICSE and state boards). Schools prefer taking test in July – August or December.


  • CPYLS Scholarship – CSIR Program for Youth on Leadership

Eligibility: Class X – XII. Top 50 ranks in CBSE, ICSE and State Boards are eligible.

Selection Process: Sponsored by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Human Resource Development.


  • IAIS (International Assessment for Indian Schools)

Eligibility: Class III – XII.

Selection Process: Exam also known as Macmillan or University of South Wales, Australia Test.

Subjects: English, Computer Science, Math and Science.



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