Tokyo Olympic traffic guide: Don’t go to work, lads!!

July 23, 2019

SportsTokyo 2020

Japan’s famously diligent workers spend more hours at the office than employees in almost any other country. But to avoid traffic chaos at next year’s Olympics, authorities have a message: stay at home.

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend Olympic and Paralympic events in Tokyo during the 2020 games, putting additional strain on the city’s already notoriously crowded commuter routes.

Officials also hope that promoting working from home during the Games will encourage a more easy going approach in a country known for its cases of ‘Karoshi’ or death from over-work. Experts expect a 10 percent rise in passengers on trains, and a 20 percent increase in express Highway users, which could result in lengthy delays and even dangerous crowding.

Operators are planning to put more trains in service.

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