Tokyo 2020: ABC… of all the new sports to debut at the 2020 Olympics

With summer Tokyo 2020 Olympics just 10 months away, here are all the details you need to know about the new sports which are added to the latest edition of Summer Olympics.

Tokyo 2020
These five new sports were approved on 3 August 2016 by the IOC during the 129th IOC Session in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and will be included in the sports programme for 2020 only, bringing the total number of sports at the 2020 Olympics to 33. So get excited; Here’s what on tap next summer

New Summer Olympics 2020 sports


Oh come on who doesn’t like surfing in general. You got beautiful beaches, water splashing, big surf boards and amazing people all around to top it. And now all this could be seen on the biggest sports event in the world i.e Olympics. With the decision to have surfing at the 2020 Summer Olympics, officials announced that surfing would take place in the ocean, and not in a wave pool such as those from the Kelly Slater Wave Company as had been speculated. The contest site for the 2020 Games was decided to be Shidashita Beach, or “Shida”, located about 40 miles (64 km) outside of Tokyo in Chiba. To ensure quality surf, the contest will feature a waiting period of 16 days. Once the event runs, it will take two days to finish competition.

Only one rider may ride a wave at any given time. Using common surfing etiquette rule where the surfer who is closest to the peak has right of way. Any interference with the surfer who has right of way, can incur a penalty and result in point deductions.

A panel of judges will determine each riders performance from wave to wave, scoring from one to ten with two decimals. e.g. 8.51. Scores are based on the difficulty of manoeuvres performed.
This includes speed, power, and flow of each manoeuvre.

There are 2 medal events in the surfing. Each for men and women.

Sports Climbing:

Well there is more to sports climbing than just climbing on walls and you could experience it when climbing will make its debut in the Summer Olympics, next year. Two events will be held, one for men and one for women. The proposed format will consist of three disciplines: lead climbing, speed climbing and bouldering. The winner will be determined based on who performs best in all three disciplines. It was previously tested at the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics.

Venue for this has been selected as Aomi Urban Sports Park, Tokyo with 40 competitors competing for 2 medal events.

The decision to combine three disciplines—Lead climbing, Bouldering and Speed climbing—with one set of medals per gender—caused widespread criticism in the climbing world.

There are 2 medal events in the Sports climbing. Each for men and women.


Inclusion of this sports justify the ultimate goal of IOA which is “Olympics remain relevant to sports fans of all generations”. If all things go right, skateboarding would be able to transmit the raw ‘street culture’ from a niche market to a whole new global audience.

There are 80 quota spots available for skateboarding. Each NOC can obtain a maximum of 3 spots in each event (total 12 maximum across the 4 events). Each event will have 20 competitors qualify: 3 from the World Championships, 16 from world rankings, and 1 from the host, Japan.

Skateboarding in the 2020 Olympics will be taking place in the Aomi Urban Venue, in Tokyo.

Four medal events will be held:

  • Men
    • Park
    • Street
  • Women
    • Park
    • Street


Oh I can tell, you were surprised to see Karate in this list. But, to my and your surprise 2020 will be the first time that Karate will be making an Olympic debut in Tokyo, joining judo, taekwondo and wrestling.

It consists of two disciplines for both men and women: kata (forms) and kumite (sparring). Kumite is the sparring discipline and will have three weight classes each for men and women. Kata is the solo form discipline, and will have one event each for men and women. Competitors choose the kata to demonstrate from 102 kata that are recognized by the World Karate Federation. Each event will have 10 competitors.

Eight medal event will be held in Karate. Four each for Men and Women.


Yeah this is the return of a familiar friend. Baseball, under the aegis of World Baseball Softball Confederation(WBSC), will see a return at the 2020 Tokyo for the first time since the 2008 Summer Olympics.

The tournament will consist of six teams.

The small number of teams in the tournament led to an unusual competition format that will feature 16 games. There will be an opening group round-robin round and a modified double-elimination bracket. For the group round, there will be two pools of three teams each. Each team will play the other two teams once. So that’s why, a total of six games will be played in the group round.

All the matches of the group stages and Knock-outs will be held in Yokohama Stadium, Naka Ward and Fukushima Azuma Stadium, Fukishama.




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