Tips That Will Make Your Diwali More Safe, Joyful and Exciting

Diwali safety tips

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Lights! Crackers! Fun!

Yes! We are talking of Diwali, the very happening festival of togetherness and excitement! It brings us joy leaving all the good memories for every year. And, yes the eagerness and excitement it holds! We all wait for it for a year to let it happen.

Well! To keep the excitement up and to add chapters of delightful memories to your notebook, it is extremely important to follow certain safety precautions for avoiding mishaps caused by crackers and certain fireworks, so not only us, but the surrounding ones can also enjoy. Always remember, Diwali is also a festival of spreading and sharing joy with the people around you.

In the past years, myriad of people lose their eyesights or cause serious burns due to carelessness with fireworks. Unattended children bursting the fireworks has been encountered as the major cause of the accident. However, there are many more things that needs to be considered to keep safe at Diwali.

Here, we have discussed a few elements that should be taken care of, especially when it is about kids.

Things You Must Not Ignore

  • Crackers

How to light crackers safely

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Let us start with crackers; the foremost cause of excitement and accidents. So, it is always important, not to compromise with the quality and buy the premium quality fireworks from licensed shops. It is because licensed shops always keep a quality and safety check on their products to minimize the risk at maximum extent.

The best way would be to learn that there are harmful effects of crackers on the environment, so make sure that you buy crackers as minimum as possible. Now, when already bought them, make sure lightning them at open spaces like ground or terrace. Not to forget, the fireworks should be done only under the presence of parents and only from a safe distance.

The last, but not the least thing to be considered is the dressing. No doubt, Diwali is a festival of dressing up in a new clothes with fabrics like silk or synthetic, but ensure that you wear cotton outfits while playing with fireworks. The reason being, cotton holds the minimum risk of catching the fire.

  • Fire

No doubt, you take a plethora of precautions, but accidents do not come on inviting. They come on their own. Being a millennial, always be smart keeping a bucket of water and sand, first-aid box and emergency contact numbers nearby.

We know, it is easy to panic and uneasy to be smart at critical situations. But do not ever lose your conscious, in case, any accident occurs, instead, wash the area with cool water and rush to the nearest hospital and do not try to implement the home remedy.

Relax! The fire accidents would not occur, if you keep a check on surrounding areas and remove inflammable material. Make a double check on the diyas and candles that they are at the decent distance from curtains or upholstery. And, again, let us remind you, not to but poor quality lights that can cause short-circuits.

  • Food

Healthy food for Diwali

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Sweets, dry fruits, chocolates, icecreams and much more are the must have for Diwali. Isn’t it?

You must be also fond of them and you would not like to restrict yourself with eating them at least on Diwali. So, it is always better to buy the food items from the reputed shop. The best would be cooking your favorite dish at home and keeping away from synthetic milk products. Also, make sure that you wash your hands before eating while firing crackers. We believe you would not like going to hospital due to unhealthy habits.

  • Environment

Of course! Diwali is a celebration about lights, noise and fireworks. But do not treat your environment with air and noise pollution. Do throw litter stuff in the dustbin, but not on roads or in surroundings.

Well!! How can we forget the lights. Do not put lights on trees or plants; a short circuit can cause the fire. Also, do not throw crackers on trees/plants/animals/pond/lake around you. They can retreat you with more adverse effects than your expectations.

  • Sensitive Bodies

Celebrating at the fullest and keeping the excitement on with crackers, playing loud music and shouting is good, but do not forget toddlers, students, elderlies, pets and sick people around you.

Make sure that you understand the same and do not trouble such sensitive bodies.

How can we forget talking about the animals that suffer torture by insensitive people around us. It is very often seen that animals are tied with crackers that can seriously injure them. Believe us! It could be fun for you, but not for them.

Well! At a huge extent we have covered the most critical things to be considered to make Diwali most exciting, but let us list a few Do’s and Don’ts in a brief.

Do’s and Don’ts of Diwali – In a Glimpse



  • Light fireworks in an open area.
  • Keep crackers like flower pots and chakras on a flat surface while lightning.
  • Maintain a proper distance from crackers .
  • Keep a water bucket, sand and first-aid box nearby you.
  • Light only one cracker at a time.
  • Do not light the fireworks in absence of parents.
  • Light rockets and similar fireworks on terrace or ground.
  • Remove all inflammable stuffs nearby you while lightning fireworks.
  • Do not wear silk or synthetic clothes while playing with fireworks.
  • Wear good shoes because open slippers that can let the feet burn.


  • Do not throw the burning fireworks at the place that can cause accidents
  • Do not wear nylon, silk and synthetic clothes while lightning crackers
  • Light crackers from a decent distant, but not with matchsticks
  • Do not light rocket without placing it in a container or bottle
  • Do not light fireworks beneath trees or wires
  • Do not go back and check the crackers if they are igniting or not
  • Do not try lightning used fireworks
  • Do not experiment combining two different fireworks or do not try making your own firework at home
  • Never keep any cracker or inflammable material in your pockets
  • Do not throw burning crackers or fireworks at other people/pets/trees/plants/buildings.
  • Never try lightning fireworks indoor.


What else you will take away from here except the practices that can make Diwali full of joy not only for you, but for others also. Let lights around you bring more brightness to all your lives and not darkness due to silly mistakes.

Let us play a smart and joyful Diwali. Spread happiness, care for others, go environment-friendly and celebrate a Happy Diwali.



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