Three-day District Jammu Karate C’ship begins

May 19, 2019, Jammu

KarateDistrict Jammu Karate Championship 2019


Three days District Jammu Karate Championship 2019 for Sub Junior, Cadet, Junior and Seniors groups for boys and girls being organised by Jammu District Karate Association began at Mahajan Hall, here on Saturday.

Over 300 participants from different parts of district Jammu are participating in the tournament.

The competition is being conducted by the national qualified referees and judges. Tournament Referee Commission consists of Sanjay Tutoo and Umesh Rekhi, who also presided over the function as Organising President and Secretary respectively and Vikas Charak, Tarun Sharma, Rajan Jamwal and Pooja Sharma. International players Sahil Singh Langeh, Palvi Sharma, Katyani, Abhijit Singh and Poonam Salathia are also participating in the event.

The Chief Guest appreciated the work being done by the association in the field of karate and the outstanding performance of the players in the current year.

Sports Commission consists of all international and national players including Deepa Sharma, Sahil Singh Langeh, Anup Singh, Sourav Mehra, Abhiraj Singh, Arush Puri, Nikhil Singh, Bhuvan Vasudev, Kalyan Khajuria and Sahil Singh Sambyal.

Today’s Results:
BOYS 16-17 years: Plus 76 kg: Munish (gold); 76 kg: Chaitanya (gold) and Parish Saini (silver); 61 kg: Aarush Puri (gold) and Karan Dadwal (silver); 55 kg: Abhiraj Singh (gold), Ajay Masih (silver) and Sameer Bronze and Vishal Dogra (jointly bronze). 11 yrs: Boys 11 yrs: 30 Kg: Sumit Mehra (gold), Junaid Choudhary (silver) and Lucky Kumar and Aditya Sodhi ( jointly bronze); 35 kg: Arjun Bhardwaj (gold), Farhan (silver) and Sajid Hussain and Divyanshu Sharma (jointly bronze); Plus 35 kg: Ishan Malhotra (gold), Shekhar Manhas (silver) and Sachin Manhas and Bhavmik Chadgal ( jointly bronze). 10 yrs: 25 Kg: Aryan Charak (gold), Palkit Singh (silver), Mohd Zuhab and Sahil Meenia (bronze); 30 kg: Ansh Vaid (gold), R. Vijay Aditya (silver) and Mayank Sharma and Vansh Deep ( jointly bronze). 12 yrs: 35 kg: Raghav Saini (gold), Arun Sharma (silver) and Sayam Parihar and Mandeep Singh (jointly bronze); Plus 40 kg: Manik Banmotra (gold), Dushant Sharma (silver) and Aditya Bhau and Gaurav Krishna (jointly bronze); 40 kg: Suksham (gold), Vedhang (silver) and Rahat Ishaq and Aryan Kumar ( jointly bronze). 13 yrs 40 kg: Narinder Singh (gold), Danish Abdula (silver), Karan Partap and Sahil Kumar ( jointly bronze); plus 45 kg: Uday Manhas (gold) and Vikas Singh (silver); 45 kg: Divakar Rumbal (gold), Saksham Khaira (silver) and Shubaksh Rajput and Atul Singh ( jointly bronze). 14-15 yrs: 63 kg: Vishal Kumar (gold), Tushant Gupta (silver) and Aryan Kumar (bronze); plus 70 kg: Karan Gupta (gold); 57 kg: Nitin Kumar (gold); 52 kg: Bhanu Partap Singh (gold), Kalyan Khajuria (silver), Amit Nagra and Sachin Kumar (jointly bronze).

GIRLS 16-17 years: 48 kg: Devpriya (gold). 11 yrs: 30 kg: Shaila Tareen (gold), Mansi Mehra (silver); 35 kg: Niharikha Verma (gold), Kritika Mehra (silver) and Afsha Gull (bronze); plus 35 yrs: Pragya Singh (gold), Eram Sheikh (silver) and Janvi Choudhary and Sanjana Kumari ( jointly bronze). 10 yrs: 25 kg: Sukriti Khajuria (gold); plus 35 kg: Shamvhavi (gold), Shreeval (silver) and Radhiya and Suhani (jointly bronze). 12 yrs: 35 kg: Himani Bhau (gold); plus 40 kg: Manpreet Kaur (gold), Anchal Bhardwaj (silver) and Manvi Sharma (bronze); 40 kg Bhoomika Manhas (gold), Jayawardhani (silver) and Harmanjeet Kaur (bronze). 13 yrs: Plus 45 kg: Katayani (gold) and Garima (silver). 14-15 yrs: 47 Kg: Sneha Rajput (gold) and Sudiksha Sharma (silver).

Seniors event will be continued tomorrow till 2:00 PM.

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