The role of sports in formulating your personality

Do you wish to be as calm as MS Dhoni, as fit as Cristiano Ronaldo and as Gentle as Roger Federer? Well, personality and sports are interrelated. Your initial will of choosing a particular sport depends on your personality and while you progress in a particular sport, it somehow starts affecting your personality, behaviour and conduct. Playing sports have a major role in formulating your personality and it largely depends on the kind of game you are involved in. For example – Playing Hockey, Football, Wrestling would have a different psychological effect on the personality whereas mind games like chess would have a different effect. But whatever sport you play , it would surely bring out the best in  you as a person.

The way you handle pressure situations in games, deal with failure, learn from your mistakes would definitely make you a more balanced person in real life, keeping you away from stress situations. Playing sports helps you discover yourself and you dug deep into your inner talent to bring out your best performance when it is needed the most. Thus, facilitating the amazing journey of self discovery and belief.

There are a numerous qualities one learns while dwelling into sports and it reflects on the person’s personality. Some of these qualities sports-persons learn are :-

  1. Self – Confidence – First and foremost quality that you develop while playing sports is self – confidence and belief. Sports ain’t all about losing and winning but the moments it gives you in between. The moment when you fail, the moment you deliver for your team and the moment you rise up after failure.
  2. Team spirit and camaraderie – While playing sports, you play as a team – You win or you lose as a team.  There is a popular saying among Maasai people – if you want to travel fast, go alone. But if you want to travel far, go together. This is what sports teaches us. We homosapiens are dependent on each other and need each other’s support and friendships in life. Sports embed the feeling of cooperation among us.
  3. Will to never give up – In sports, you come across situations where winning seems really difficult but you fight back till the last moment to somehow snatch the victory from the other team. You learn that game isn’t lost till the very last point and even if you lose, you ave to hold tight and come back much more stronger in the next game. Same is the case with life, you have to keep pushing yourself despite the failures that come your way and who knows this better than a sports-person?
  4. To be focused – Having focus on the present is what is being taught by sports. Sports teaches you to focus on the current game and give in your 100%. You have to stop thinking about past and future and focus must solely be in the present. This is what is applied in your life where you have to focus and deal with the current scenario and try to make it better.
  5. Discipline in life – Discipline is setting goals and achieving them. Being disciplined will  provide you with a balanced lifestyle and would help you achieve your goals successfully and timely.

All these qualities and values that you develop while getting involved in sports would eventually formulate your personality and make you a better person. A person who is determined and focused; a person who is stress and anxiety free; a person who is amiable and friendly; a person who never gives up and is disciplined in life.



Kushagra Bhardwaj, a graduate in Journalism who loves to write extensively on sports and entertainment along with taking a keen interest in politics. A sports enthusiast who resents braggers, deals in sarcasm and loves travelling.