The Inspirational story of Delhi’s Dangal Girl who aced Financial Condition to earn medal in Asian Games

As the 18th edition of Asian Games is heading towards the popular stage matches in games like Wrestling, Kabaddi and Hockey. Day-by-Day, we are witnessing great and inspirational stories of sports star from the Indian Contingent. Adding one name more to the players that motivate us to challenge situation and aim for the our like, we want to add Divya Kakran name in the list.

The story of Delhi’s East Gokulpuri Girl perfectly matches the story-line of India’s high grossing movie Dangal that offers viewers glimpse of difficult life of Phogat sisters. Divya Kakran has finished 68kg category of Wrestling matches with bronze medal in account of nation. Divya hails from the family of wrestlers as her grandfather Rajendra Kakaran and his father Suraj Kakaran had tried their hand in the sports. Unfortunately, both has to laid down their dreams to choose Wrestling as their career due to the financial condition of the family. The third generation girl Divya is now the ‘Apple of everyone’s eye’ to take forward the trend of sports in the family to the next level.

Kakran Family lives in rented house with rent Five Thousand

Kakaran family with 7 members still lives in a rented house with small room and hall in the Delhi’s Shahadra district Gokulpur. Family of 2 boys and 2 girls with mother and father before shifting to five-thousand rented house have spent most part of their life in merely 500 Rs rented house. The family has its root from the West Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar village. Divya’s grandfather was a small labourer in the Sugar mill of the region.

20 years back, Divya’s father relocated to Delhi in search of better earnings but luck has never favored the family to live their life happily.

In national wrestling, Divya has won gold, Diksha, Sheetal and Sakshi bronze

Showing casual moves against brother in wrestling changed life of Divya

Divya, the student of Bachelor in Physical Education turned her life goals towards wrestling in 2010. As per family, one day Divya showcased great moves against his elder brother Dev in a casual wrestling match that amazed all the members of family. On the second day of the incident, father Suraj introduced Divya to the world of wrestling in neraby local Gymnasium ‘Bhim Dal Vyavamshala’. Divya never lost her concentration in the game thereafter and collected total 66 medals in different wrestling matches she had played till date.

Neighbours and locals always condemned Divya’s choice of sport

Divya’s hard work and firm believe of her father that she will surely gain immense popularity in future has formed chance for India to win bronze medal in wrestling matches of Asian games. As per his father, Divya’s skill and her winning streak from different Dangals played in Jhansi, Mathura and Gautam Buddha Nagar was the additional source of income for the family to meet monthly expenses. Whenever Divya stepped out of her house to play Dangal, all the neighbours used to condemn Kakran family for pushing daughter in men’s game.

Father Suraj used to travel with Divya without ticket in order to let her play wrestling matches in different states

Divya’s father used to travel as a support for Divya for her wrestling matches in regions like Jhansi. In the days of financial crises, sometimes the father-daughter duo used to travel without tickets in the trains. Divya’s advancement in wrestling many times offered her great sum of money as the girl has played wrestling matches against many boys from different part of India. During the duration, TC have caught them for traveling without ticket many times during the travel.

Gokulpuri Region is overjoyed with the achievement of Divya

As the news of Divya’s bronze medal in Asian Games traveled from Indonesia all the way to Delhi, crowd of people are joining Divya’s family in order to wish great luck to the young achiever of the locality. Father and Mother of Divya are very proud of their child and they are expecting that Divya will establish name of nation in Olympic 2020.

Divya Kakran

Some remarkable achievements of Divya in Wrestling

  • Divya claimed gold medal in 2017 Commonwealth Wrestling Championship edition.
  • Delhi girl grabbed 2017 Asian Wrestling Championship title with silver medal.
  • Kakran was honored with Bharat Kesri Dangal title in year 2018.
  • Divya have recently won Silver Medal in Women’s freestyle 68kg event of 2018 Asian games. We are expecting great series of result from Divya Kakran in later stage of International matches.



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