Thamesh of Faridabad Convent School attains silver medal in State-Level Sports Meet

September 13, 2018, Faridabad, Kurukshetra


Faridabad player Thamesh has glorified the name of Faridababd region after grabbing crucial silver medal in the State Level Sports Meet. Haryana Sports Authority initiated 53rd edition of Sports Meet in the Kurukshetra Region in between 06 September and 09 September.

Total 14 different district players showcased their talent in different categories of sports event of the competition. As per the available information total 500 players registered themselves for the three days event.

Two students of Faridabad Convent School were also selected for the Sports Meet. The player showed action packed performance in the Chai Kondo Martial Art event part of the Sports Meet. He grabbed silver medal in the individual category. In addition to the medal the player of Faridabad has progressed his way to the National Camp of Martial arts for next level of competitions.

On the basis of Thamesh performance, the player can also grab opportunity to feature himself in the national level martial arts championships.