Tarini Goyal wins woman world chess norm

April 20, 2022

ChessTarini Goyal

Reference: https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/chandigarh/tarini-goyal-wins-woman-world-chess-norm-387807

Local chess player Tarini Goyal (20) bagged the Woman International Master (WIM) norm in Budapest, Hungary. Tarini had already crossed the ELO rating of 2200 in 2016 and earned two WIM norms while playing in Greece (2018) and Abu Dhabi (2019).

With this latest norm, she completed the mandatory requirement of three WIM norms and touched her peak rating of 2226 to bag the title.

On her way to achieving the final norm, Tarini played three back-to-back tournaments. She defeated International Masters (IMs) Sturt Raven of the US and Egor Bogdanov of Ukraine and held a draw against Grand Masters (GMs) Aczel Gergely (Hungary) and Ilincic Zlatko (Serbia), and International Masters Nhat Minh (Hungary), Srinath Rao (India) and Ajay Krishna (India). Tarini has set herself a target of achieving the WGM title.