Sweden Embassy honours Amity International Ghaziabad students

March 9, 2018, Ghaziabad

Scientific Innovation

Amity International Ghaziabad proved its prowess once again as Manvi Jain and Krishi Bhatt, students of the school bagged the winner’s prize at the Terry School of Advanced Studies in New Delhi. The 7-day challenge saw numerous entries from schools all over India. Organised by the Sweden Embassy, the competition focussed on scientific innovation and creativity.

The tournament saw entries from the 14-24 age group in various categories. Krishi Bhatt won the award for her Herbal and Eco Friendly Sanitary Pad. The pad is reusable, sustainable and cheap. Manvi Jain won the won for her Beach Wax Cloth Wrap which is customer friendly and can be used many times over. It is bio degradable as well.

The representative from the Sweden Embassy, Klass Molin was ecstatic seeing the spirit of innovation from all participants. He emphasised on constant innovation and creativity to improve our society and people’s lives. He congratulated the winners on their out of the box thinking and dynamic projects.

School: Amity International School

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