Sun Valley School registers 2-1 win against Raghav Global School

August 9, 2018, Noida


Raghav International School located in the Sector-122 of Noida inaugurated First Raghav Global Inter-School Football Tournament. The event witnessed great performances from the participating team on the first day of the tournament.

In accordance of the match played on the very first day of the event, Sun Valley School attained the first spot, Raghav International School obtained the second spot and Ramagya School settled for the third spot in the match.

The first match of the day was played in between Ramagya International School and Sun Valley School. The team of Sun Valley School turned the game an easy win for the side with 5-0 scoreline. In the second match, Raghav Global School Noida wins the match against Evergreen Public School with 5-0 score.

The third match was played in between Ramagya School and Evergreen School, the match favored
Ramagya team with a 4-1 score and attained the third spot in the tournament.

Yash clinched ‘Player of the Tournament’ award in the overall tournament for showcasing great skills and marking highest number of goals in the tournament.

School: Raghav Global School, Sun Valley International School, Ramagya School

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