Sumit and Aadhrika sprints to Gold

November 25, 2019, Chandigarh

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Sumit, Vipandeep and Saiyam claimed the top three positions, respectively, in the boys’ 100m event during the annual sports day of The British School (Sector 44) in Chandigarh.

In the girls’ 100m event, Aadhrika claimed the first position, followed by Mannat at second and Prasha at third. Jaspreet Singh won the top position in the boys’ U-17 long jump event, while Ashwin Krishnan claimed the second spot. Karanbir Singh finished third. Shehaz claimed the girls’ U-17 long jump gold medal. Anshika finished at second position and Nandini claimed the third spot. Prerna won the girls’ U-17 shot put event, while Shenaz finished second and Jasmanpreet claimed the third position. Savita won the girls’ U-17 boxing gold by defeating Aanchal.

Toshani Rana won the happy hop race, while Aishmeen Kaur and Bandana Jolly claimed the second and third positions, respectively.

In bounties of nature fly event, Suham Puri, Sahibjot Singh and Mannat claimed the top three positions, respectively.

School: The British School

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