Suhani, Sarthik fastest runners at Green Land Convent School

November 14, 2018

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Suhani Thakur and Sarthik emerged winners in the 100-metre sprint and were adjudged the fastest runners among girls and boys, respectively, in the U-14 category on the second day of the Annual Athletics Meet of Green Land Convent School, New Subhash Nagar, here on Tuesday.
In the U-19 group, Uday and Ranjana won this feat in the boys’ and girls’ category, respectively.

The students showcased their skill in different track and field events, besides fun games such as sack race, three-legged race, chatti race and lemon race. Competition for students of primary section was also organised in which children took part in various games.

Boys (U-14)

100-m race: 1st Sarthik, 2nd Prince and 3rd Diljeet.

200-m race: 1st Nitin, 2nd Sahil and 3rd Sameer Raja.

400-m race: 1st Dilkash, 2nd Jashanpreet and 3rd Abhas.

Long jump: 1st Md. Asif Hussain, 2nd Md. Majamnil and 3rd Aman.

Shot-put: 1st Ankit, 2nd Md. Asif Hussain and 3rd Sourav.

Horse race: 1st Asif and Hiten, 2nd Ankit and Akshit, 3ed Naksh and Daksh.

Sac race: 1st Sourav, 2nd Love and 3rd Gurinder.

Boys (U-19)

100-m race: 1st Uday, 2nd Ragvendra and 3rd Gurpinder.

200-m race: 1st Gaurav, 2nd Ankush and 3rd Shubham.

800-m race: 1st Gaurav, 2nd Navpreet and 3rd Rajveer.

Long jump: 1st Shubham, 2nd Ragvendra and 3rd Gaurav.

Shot-put: 1st Parampuneet, 2nd Varun and 3rd Uday.

Horse race: 1st Tushar and Parampuneet, 2nd Manish and Nitish, 3rd Nitish and Deepanshu.

Sac race: 1st Gaurav, 2nd Agampreet and 3rd Aryan.

Girls (U-14)

100-m race: 1st Suhani Thakur, 2nd Muskan and 3rd Arshdeep.

200-m race: 1st Suhani Thakur, 2nd Kirti and 3rd Harleen Kaur.

400-m race: 1st Mishthi, 2nd Yashika and 3rd Anmol.

Long jump: 1st 1st Yashika, 2nd Mehak and 3rd Raunakpreet.

Shot-put: 1st Kajal, 2nd Muskan and 3rd Amandeep.

Three-legged race: 1st Suhani and Ashu, 2nd Mishthi and Simran, 3rd Jasvir and Jasmine.

Girls (U-19)

100-m race: 1st Ranjana, 2nd Manisha and 3rd Ayesha.

200-m race: 1st Arshpreet, 2nd Ranjana and 3rd Manisha.

400-m race: 1st Sehaj, 2nd Ekamdeep and 3rd Karampriya.

Long jump: 1st Manisha, 2nd Ranjana and 3rd Chhavi.

Shot-put: 1st Ranjana, 2nd Ruksaar and 3rd Anvi.

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