Students Slug It Out On Chessboards

May 3, 2019, Pune

ChessAnnual Chess Championship


The students of the secondary section of St. Arnold’s Central School, Pune had displayed their wit, grit and mettle, at the Annual Chess Championship held on April 18.

The day began with students confirming their registrations. After a brief explanation of rules and regulations by one of the chess champions, principal, Fr. Joyson Kurian declared the ‘Khelo Arnold Chess competition’ open by playing the first chess move.

It was amazing to see the students determined and focused to win points for their houses. Battles were fought on the chess board. Well planned strikes took the opponents by surprise. While on another board, there seemed to be a war not coming to an end as the players moved their army in syncronisation to checkmate the king.

As it was a knock out match tournament, the winners were shortlisted in six rounds. It was great to see the students calmly finish all the rounds and not lose their courage and confidence even after losing a match. This symbolised their sportsman spirit.

The much awaited moment of the day finally arrived. The winners were announced and felicitated with a certificate and a medal. These winners would represent the school in the inter-school competition. Whether they loss or won, each student went home taking back good memories.

The success of the event was accredited to the support of parents, teachers, students who gave an overwhelming response; and the ex-students who volunteered as arbiters. The championship succeeded in its motive- to increase the strategic competencies of the students as well as to reduce the dependence of computer games for sole entertainment purposes. All in all, it was a great experience for everyone and students got a good opportunity to display their skills. The event helped realize the fact that chess is a game wherein children learn to be responsible for their actions.

School: St Arnolds Central School

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