Students showcased their caliber in 2nd All Stars Inter-School Badminton Championship

August 1, 2018, Dehradun


All Stars Education Social and Sports Foundation’s second edition of All Stars Inter School Badminton Championship finally enters the concluding day at the Multipurpose House located at the Parade Ground of Dehradun.

The last day of the tournament witnessed finals of singles and doubles of U 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19 in both boys’ and girls’ category. In U-9 category boys’ Vedansh Bisht emerged as the winner of match against Rudransh Joshi and wins gold. U-11 girls’ final announced Vedika Bisht winner against Ananya Bisht. In U-13 category Girls’ category Smiridhi wins championship battle against Ananya Bisht and in same category boys final match Prashant Rana registered an easy win against Sahil Chandel.

In Boys’ U 13 doubles pair of Shashank and Prashant wins their final showdown against Ishaan and Vedansh to win the title. In U-15 matches, Anushka clinches win against Samriddhi and in Boys’ category Dhruv dominates the game against Devansh Thapiyal. In U-17 Singles matches Aryesh won his match against Shubham and in Girls’ category Anushka registered win against Samriddhi. In U-19 finals. Ikol International School’s Jiya Jayswal won her match against Smriti Sharma. In the same category Jiya and Samriddhi collected gold and silver.

Suryakant Dhasmana presented medals to all the winners and runners-up and wish them best for their life. Tournament’s crucial decision were passed on by referee Satish, Deepak, Praveen and Baljeet.

School: Universal Academy, Sun Valley School, The Indian Academy, Doon International School, Rose Mount School, Social Baluni Public School

Student: Vedansh Negi, Rudransh Joshi, Vedika Bist, Aanya Bisht, Prashant Rana, Ishaan Negi, Anushka Juyal