Strict Qualification marks ensure only the best athletes represent India at the Gold Coast

March 6, 2018

Commonwealth Games

India, unfortunately, is not a powerhouse in the world of Olympic sport. Except cricket, various sports are still in nascent stage of being recognised and bringing laurels to the country at world events. But the future may be different.

Positive signs can be seen in the upcoming Federation Cup, a crucial tournament for athletes who are eager to qualify for the Commonwealth Games 2018 to be held in Gold Coast, Australia. The AFI has made it mandatory for athletes to participate in the tournament to be eligible for the Commonwealth games to be held in April.

Keeping in mind the tough competition they are expected to face at the games, athletes are expected to break national records in their respective categories to make the cut. “In most events, the competitions at the CWG is tougher than the Asian Games. Countries like Jamaica, Australia, Britain, New Zealand and Kenya will be participating. For example, Kenyan athletes dominate the longer races. This is the reason why AFI’s qualifying guidelines are tough,” said one official.

The aim is loud and clear- India wants to shine and shine brightly in Australia. “We expect medal-winning performances at the CWG and so we need to find the best athletes. I think we have a lot of promising athletes this time and you will see their performances in the coming days,” said another coach.

Even though the guidelines seem unrealistic for many, the federation believes it will motivate the athletes to give their best. “We have mentioned that they are guidelines. That itself is self-explanatory. Even if the athletes are close to the qualifying mark in certain events, we will consider them”, cleared the president.
We will understand the full merit of the decision only in the coming days, but it is a step in the right direction for many.

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