St. Mary’s Convent School outshines in Basketball Tournament

October 26, 2018, Meerut


Three Days oriented Inter-School Sports Meet finally kicks off in St Mary’s Convent School on Thursday. Basketball tournament played on the inaugural day was easily dominated by the hosting team.

The Basketball team of the school claimed win in all their scheduled matches of the day. First match of the day was played between St. Mary Convent School and St. Francis School, Meerut. Hosts showcasing great sort of game finished the match with 27-07 scoreline.

In second match St Mary team crushed down St. Mary Convent team of Gajrola region with 28-10 scoreline.

Girls category basketball matches of the school named the hosts winner against St. Mary Gajrola team with 10-2 scoreline.

Matches of Badminton tournament offered the winning position to St. Francis Panipat team against St. Francis Meerut team.

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