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April 12, 2019, Amritsar

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The National School Games, being organised in the city, are not only providing a platform to young players, but also helping them to make friends and understand the culture of one another.

A total of 456 boys and 374 girls from 24 states are taking part in karate, fencing and kickboxing games. The event had begun on April 7. The games are being organised by the Education Department.

Fencing player Jagmeet Kaur (17) said that in the past five years she visited over 15 states and met people from different communities. “Such events help in cultural exchange. I met people from different states. A lot of perceptions have changed. Once a camp or event is over, I look forward to meet my fellow players from other states next time too. It helps in development of overall personality,” says Kaur.

It is the atmosphere during competitions which enthuses players. Prajeshwar Singh from Jammu and Kashmir says, “I really enjoy the sports environment. As the game begins, players from each state are cheered up by their own people. It renews their energy.”

Arun Raj Kumar, a fencing coach with the Sports Authority of India, terms such events a great way to experience cultural exchange. “Players keep on going from one place to other. Cultural exchange is profound. Some of them also pick up a new language at times,” he says.

Not only bonds, learning new language at times help them beating stereotypes as well. “Earlier, I used to think a certain way for people from a particular state. Now, all my stereotypes have been broken,” said Amit Chib, a player from Jammu and Kashmir. Priyu from Kerala said, “Such events play a big role in establishing new friendships and visiting new places. The games will get concluded on April 12.”

Tournament: 64th National School Game Kick Boxing Championship 2019, 64th National School Game Fencing Championship 2019

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