Skating team selected for the North East Roller Sports Association

July 27, 2019, Guwahati

Skating, Carromskating

The North East Roller Sports Association has selected a team for the 1st Asian Speed Skating Championship which will be organised at Puducherry on July 27 and 28.

The team: Nirish Beria, Tejas Bengani, Tamanna Agarwal, Kritika Chalummuri, Mayon Agarwal, Yuval Shah, Daksh Saini, Yoana Banchal, Harit Banchal. Coach: Arjun Baglari.

Carrom tourney from July 28: The All Assam Invitation Prize Money Carrom Tournament, organised by the Kamrup District Carrom Players Association is going to be held from July 28 to 30 at Rukmininagar auditorium here. Leading players of the State are likely to take part in the meet. stated a press release.

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