Shivani Kataria, Siddhant Sejwal shine

October 18, 2017

55th Delhi University inter-college aquatic championship


Olympian Shivani Kataria of Hansraj College was adjudged ‘best swimmer’ in the women’s section as she dominated the freestyle and butterfly events with six meet records at the 55th Delhi University inter-college aquatic championship at the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee swimming pool here.

Siddhant Sejwal of St. Stephen’s College, who excelled in the freestyle events, and set records in 100m freestyle and 50m backstroke, won the men’s ‘best swimmer’ award.

Shriram College of Commerce won the team championship in both the men’s and women’s sections.

The winners:

Men: 50m freestyle: Siddhant Sejwal 24.49s; 100m freestyle: Siddhant Sejwal 54.41; 200m freestyle: Siddhant Sejwal 2:09.02; 400m freestyle: Siddhant Sejwal 4:35.88; 1,500m freestyle: Vinayak Parihar 18:14.98; 4x100m freestyle relay: Hansraj 3:49.69; 4x200m freestyle relay: Hansraj 8:52.51. 50m backstroke: Siddhant Sejwal 27.76; 100m backstroke: Vedant Seth 1:01.82; 200m backstroke: Vedant Seth 2:22.40. 50m breaststroke: Ansh Arora 30.39; 100m breaststroke: Ansh Arora 1:05.63; 200m breaststroke: Rahul Sharma 2:28.36. 50m butterfly: Shubham Upadhyay 26.51; 100m butterfly: Vinayak Parihar 58.83; 200m butterfly: Vinayak Parihar 2:15.43. 200m individual medley: Vedant Seth 2:24.15; 400m individual medley: Vedant Seth 5:05.97; 4x100m medley relay: SRCC 4:21.98.

Women: 50m freestyle: Shivnai Kataria 28.62; 100m freestyle: Shivani Kataria 1:04.27; 200m freestyle: Shivnai Kataria 2:21.09; 400m freestyle: Shivani Kataria 4:59.70; 800m frestyle: Pallavi Sejwal 10:33.64; 4x100m freestyle: SRCC 4:56.52; 4x200m freestyle relay: SRCC 11:15.59. 50m backstroke: Pallavi Sejwal 35.89; 100m backstroke: Shivani Kataria 1:18.88; 200m backstroke: Shivani Kataria 2:53.32. 50m breaststroke: Vaishali Grewal 38.92.

100m breaststroke: Shivani Kataria 1:22.31; 200m breaststroke: Vaishali Grewal 3:05.76. 50m butterfly: Shivani Kataria 30.95; 100m butterfly: Shivani Kataria 1:08.74.

200m butterfly: Shivani Kataria 2:36.50. 200m individual medley: Shivani Kataria 2:48.86; 400m individual medley: Vaishali Grewal 6:25.42; 4x100m medley relay: SRCC 5:35.38 .

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