Shivam, Prabhjot and Harshdeep excels in Shooting Competition

October 30, 2018


On Day 5 of the 38th North Zone Shooting Competition being played in the Jaspal Rana Shooting Range many shooters won their individual matches and finds promotion for the next level of the competition.

In the Air Pistol round of the event Shivam Tyagi, Prabhjot and Harshdeep were the top performing shooters with total 575 score.

In the women round of air pistol event, Devanshi Dhama and Rituraj were the top performing target achievers with total 567 points.

50m free air rifle named Shahzad as the top performing shooter with with 271 points. 50M Junior Category has named Sachin Bhati as the top performing player with total 272 points.

Ashok Sai, Sanjay Kumar, Rohit Prajapati, Yogesh Sharma, Anjan Singh, Prem Prakash, Shivam Tyagi and Rajendra Singh Rana were the other top performing shooters.

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